About Us

JAINS Railway specializes in R&D, design, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales services of sightseeing train, steam locomotive, tramcar and historical landscape of train. In addition, running advisory services of related technology, the Company is engaged in the route design of sightseeing train, track laying, engineering construction and technical development. JIANS Railway is a professional provider of recreation and rail transit facilities for, say, theme parks, tourist attractions, locomotive parks, museums, town communities, as well as creative experience, high-end tourism commercial property and large-scale cultural & tourism projects. The Company boasts the after-sales department, professional train and tramcar design teams, efficient production department and teams of creative experience, design and construction with abundant experience. Products: Sightseeing train series: ZDC-14, ZDC-07, ZDC\X-06, ZDC\X\Q-03; Tramcar series: DDX-14, DDX-09, DDX-06, DDX-03; Landscape steam train series: ZZ-14; Other recreation facilities: JR-14, JR-07 railway bicycle, etc. Our products capture the quintessence of simple operation, environmental protection, high efficiency, low noise and durability. By running professional advisory services, we could reasonably serve as a helper in your decision-making. In response to the particular requirements of customers, we can design and provide a custom system solution to serve the purpose. And what is more, rail transit facilities fall within our business scope, pushing forward your business and reminding classic moments.

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